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Full Tilt Poker Review

At the beginning of the poker boom that took place in 2004 founded the Full Tilt Poker out of a bunch of poker pros. Among these professionals were among other things, Chris Ferguson, Phil Ivey and Howard Lederer. Their motto was a poker room of poker players for poker players. And they want to take into account all the players to shuffle their chips at the tables must be allowed to do this. Full Tilt Poker is the prescribed time, the second largest poker site, which has around 100.000 players on average. Full Tilt Poker still accepts U.S. players and when one of the few poker rooms that do this.

Full Tilt Poker follows the policy of having the best and most exclusive poker pros in the world to play with them. This puts their distinct stamp on Full Tilt Poker and you can play with to test them and measure themselves against the best players out there. All players have access to the chat room which is where you can talk with the pros and ask them about their secret, which took them to the top. Everyone can read and follow what is written on the chat to keep up to date. On Full Tilt Poker Academy, you can find video tutorials, interactive challenges, tips and poker strategy lessons, all approved out of the poker pros that are active at Full Tilt Poker.

The subsidiary Tilt Ware LLC has developed the Full Tilt Poker's own client / software. Their software is safe, loaded with features and highly customizable to suit your personal taste. It is a pleasure to use it and watching it, it is beyond the ordinary. It is developed together with some of the world's best poker players and they have a support that matches this. The only thing preventing the Full Tilt Poker site to get two perfect scores at hand, support is slow to react and the absence of any final haul to make it perfect.

In order to play cash games must have the courage to go in hard. They have a good and wide selection of table, but the stakes are extremely high for the games that have low buy-in so that it is almost impossible as an ordinary layman to build a bankroll from scratch just by playing tournaments. Their deals are great and appreciated but they are not extreme in any way but keep a good mediocrity in the poker industry.

To briefly summarize the Full Tilt Poker so I say sky just for players who love high stakes and to play poker against small. Full Tilt Poker is also perfect for the occasional player. Their poker room has many unique features that are missing in many of their competitors, which makes them especially unique. Full Tilt Poker is clearly a contender to be reckoned with on the online poker crown - a poker room that offers much more than enough.



Appear on the Poker Lounge through Full Tilt

If you can play poker you can appear on television by qualifying through Full Tilt Poker.  The television show in question is The Poker Lounge where six players do battle each week for $120,000 dollars. Each player has a $20,000 dollar buyin in the winner take all tourney and some of the best players appear on the show.  You can catch the Poker Lounge every week from June 21st through August 23rd. You can play in qualifiers that started running on April 4th through July 4th.  There are a total of eight $22,000 dollar prize packages.  You can buyin directly to one of the qualifiers for $600 + $40 dollars or play in a satelite qualifier starting at $10 dollars. The next qualifier for the Poker Lounge is going to be a DeepStack Hold’em on April 25th at 2:30pm EST for a buyin of $640 dollars.